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Registered Pharmacy 9011005

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Stop Smoking and Quit with UKMedix

Quit Smoking

Breaking the habit of smoking can be hard without help and that is why UKMedix can help you achieve your goal of quitting with the help of the stop smoking treatments available.

Quit smoking with the help of our UKMedix team and get back on track to a healthy life you can enjoy with your loved ones.

Stop Smoking Treatments


Champix has helped smokers across the globe stop smoking and kick the habit for good with a single cycle.

Stop Smoking Treatments Online

Why do you want to quit?

There are many good reasons for wanting to quit smoking:

Health: The utmost reason for wanting to quit should be our health. Smoking severely damages our health, and risks the health of those around us. Smoking is responsible for as many as 114,000 deaths a year in the UK – that’s over two thousand a week!

Cost: Tobacco products are heavily taxed and we can only expect that tax to increase in the years to come. With a pack of Marlboros costing around £8.50 at the time of writing, a 20 a day habit could easily cost you £250 a month.

Social stigma: Many of us remember when smoking was accepted everywhere, but that’s certainly not the case anymore. We can often feel like outcasts for smoking and that feeling is another good reason to seek help to give up for good.

Smell: It’s hard to understand why cigarette smoke clings to us, but even when we smoke outside we’re left with an unpleasant smell on our clothes and hair. This then affects our cars and homes too, no matter what products we might use to try to mask the smell.

Our children: Few of us actually enjoy being smokers, and fewer still would want their children to start, or be affected by passive smoking. Our children are a real consideration and they benefit too when we give up.

These are just some of the major reasons to quit, others include the benefits to your teeth and skin, your attractiveness to others, even your sex drive!


How will you benefit from quitting?

One of the great things about giving up is that we start to feel the benefits immediately. Within minutes we’ll experience improvements to both our blood pressure and pulse. Within 8 hours the levels of carbon monoxide in our bodies will start to decrease and both our hearts and lungs will start to repair themselves. In two days we will have purged ourselves of nicotine and our sense of smell and taste will improve.

These improvements continue with time as our breathing gets better, and gradually our risk of heart attack gets closer to that of someone who has never smoked.

Our bodies are amazing organisms and they can repair much of the damage smoking causes, but we have to give them the chance. UKMedix can help you today.


How will UKmedix help me to quit for good?

UKMedix will arrange a consultation with one of our doctors to ensure the treatment we offer is appropriate for you.

We offer two prescription treatments, both designed to reduce the pleasure experienced by smokers, and reduce the cravings that drive us to reach for that next cigarette. Neither of the UKMedix treatments involve putting any more nicotine into your system, unlike some nicotine replacement therapies that do.

Using a prescription treatment will massively increase your chances of success, in fact you are approximately four times more likely to succeed with their help. Here’s how the prescription treatments work:

  • Champix: this drug work with the receptors in the brain affected by nicotine reducing its effect and in so doing reducing the craving that comes with addiction. By doing this the drug also reduces the pleasure sensation the nicotine creates. The drug is manufactured by the multinational company Pfizer. In tests Champix has been proven to be up to four times more successful than trying to quit with will power alone.
  • Zyban: this drug works by reducing the withdrawal symptoms that make quitting by will power alone so difficult. Although Zyban is not as successful as Champix, you are still more than twice as likely to succeed in quitting with Zyban than just using will power.


What alternatives are available?

You can also try quitting with the help of nicotine replacement therapies that come in the form of patches, gum, an inhaler, a spray, or tablet form. With these treatments you still get a small nicotine hit that helps you cope with the withdrawal symptoms.

Also the NHS offers help in various forms to help you quit smoking.


Why should you consider UKMedix for a prescription treatment to help you quit smoking for good?

All customers of UKMedix receive a free consultation which is examined by one of our fully qualified doctors to ensure that the prescription treatment you receive is the best suited option for you.

Kick the habit with help from UKMedix, get effective treatment to help you stop smoking for good.

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