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How UKMedix Works

UKMedix offers a simple and effective way to be able to order prescription medication from a trusted UK pharmacy online.

Genuine medications delievered to your doorstep after being prescribed by licensed medical professionals, quickly, securely and discreetly.

UKMedix Doctor

Our doctors honour their duty of care.

A team of fully qualified GMC and EU registered GPs review your consultation held on our secure servers.

After diagnosis they may authorise a treatment for the term you have requested or suggest alternatives. They are in no way obliged to proceed with your request. In some cases they may feel a physical exam is necessary and will recommend that you pursue this.

In other cases they may feel that alternative treatment should be sought. Furthermore they can and often do call the patient for further information if they need any clarification on medical history, medication you may be taking, or your general well being.

Our pharmacists take their role very seriously.

Our pharmacists are all UK licensed and experienced in the dispensing of licensed medication. They too offer a duty of care and have access to your medical history and data in order to satisfy themselves that the course of treatment you are seeking (or that has been suggested to you by the medical team) is one they would approve of. Even with a prescription in hand they are not obliged to fill, until they are quite satisfied.

No licensed medicine is ever allowed to leave the licensed premises until an original prescription is issued, and again as part of the transparency we seek to offer you will also be offered contact details of the dispensing pharmacist, who will always be happy to offer relevant advice.

Safe, genuine and discreet medication
UKMedix Support

Advice is always available (24/7) from the convenience of your own home

Because of the nature of an online health clinic, we always recommend seeking advice and further medical assistance using our contact forms online. The reason we suggest this is so that all advice can be monitored. In this way if, for some reason, you are not satisfied with the advice you have received it is much easier for us to clarify the situation. This is in your interest.

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