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Following your general consultation you may request your preferred medication and our doctors will confirm suitability. Thank you!

Loestrin 30 tablets online


Following your general consultation you may request your preferred medication and our medical team will confirm suitability. Thank you!

Loestrin 20 / 30 ​Contraception Pills Online

At UKMedix you can be sure the Loestrin contraception tablets from Galen is genuine and hardly a dangerous substitute. We take this a whole new level by providing you with quality and effective medical advice to aid you throughout the treatment process.

Through our web consultation we’ll ask all the questions and queries our professional medical team needs to not only understand your contraceptive needs, but also the right prescription to offer you and if there’s perhaps something you should note. In the process you’ll have all the professional advice to make the right choice.

Note that our professional medical team will work with you all the way and can be contacted directly free of charge for advice and help, without obligation.

Loestrin is a contraceptive pill combining two active elements namely Ethinylestradiol and Norethisterone Acetate. As an effective contraceptive, Loestrin comes in handy in helping women to prevent pregnancies by making the body believe a ripe egg has already been fertilised. Consequently, the ovaries don’t release an egg every month, protecting the woman from a pregnancy. If you take Loestrin 20 properly and as prescribed you’ve in your hands one of the most effective contraceptives. Beyond pregnancy prevention, the pill can be used for other reasons as indicated by your doctor.

Taking Loestrin can help you have a less painful menstruation with very regular bleeding and much lighter. This is the reason why the tablets are also prescribed for women with irregular, painful and very heavy periods.

This contraceptive works by overriding a regular menstrual cycle and making the body to think that ovulation has taken place. Therefore, an egg is prevented from being released and ripening inside the ovaries on a monthly basis. The two active ingredients, hormones, also make the thickness of the womb’s neck containing the natural fluid/mucus to increase, ensuring that sperm find it really hard to make their way into the womb via the vagina to reach the egg. The womb lining quality is also transformed by the hormones making the conditions unfavourable for the implantation of a fertilised egg.

As a monophasic pill, Loestrin pills contain a similar amount of hormones and dosage for all the pills. The 21 tablets are taken daily for the next 21 days before taking a break from pills for seven days. During the break, the blood sees hormones level dipping and there might be some withdrawal kind of menstruation resembling a regular period. The next pack of 21 tablets should be started after the end of the seven days, whether one is still bleeding or not. Always remember taking the pill at about the same time daily to avoid forgetting to take one. You can swallow the pill with some drink, with or without meals.

You can begin Loestrin intake on the first day when your menstruation cycle begins.

In the process you’ll be able to protect yourself from a pregnancy and no other type of contraception will be necessary.

If the need be, begin the intake of the pills with the first five days of your menstruation cycle and you still won’t need another contraception to prevent a pregnancy. Those with 23 days and below of short menstruation shouldn’t wait until the fifth day of their menstrual cycle.

Nonetheless, if you’ve a short menstruation cycle talk to a medical professional before considering another contraceptive method if you want to begin Loestrin intake within the first 5-7 days of your menstrual cycle.

The truth is all types of medicines can bring about all manner of side effects. Even so, not everyone gets any effect after using Loestrin 20. If you observe something that’s bothersome and not going away you might want to talk with your doctor or contact UKMedix medical team.

Common side effects include the following:

  • Weight gain
  • Bloating
  • Stomach cramps
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Spotting or bleeding between your menstrual periods
  • Breast tenderness

As you search for the best contraceptive prescription medication we understand you need the best that works. We also know finding time to talk with a medical doctor might not be possible particularly in such a short notice while your life might be so hectic. UKMedix offers a quick, easy, care-free and confidential service you can access at home, office or vacation with all the perks of experience and knowledge from the best medical professionals around without having to appear before them face to face, wasting time and energy.

As you purchase Loestrin online we advice that you do so from websites that have been well regulated by the government, licensed and offering authentic medical prescription drugs. UKMedix goes a step further and ensures you’ve a professional medical team helping you all the way in endorsing your prescription as needed for your treatment.

Ensure you’ve identified the website well and that the site is regulated by the right authorities. UKMedix allows you to access only authentic Loestrin and other medication since we’ve been regulated and certified by the MHRA. Kindly click the MHRA badge clearly displayed on our website to see UKMedix certified information as found