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Flagyl - Genuine Sanofi medication

UKMedix allows you to access genuine prescription drugs from trustworthy pharmaceutical brands trusted and known globally for their quality medications that have documented history of treating various conditions.

This is why we offer authentic Sanofi Flagyl and not questionable alternatives from brands you cannot trust. We perfect this by offering every customer the highest level of medical advice you can find, including medical help all through the treatment process.

To give UKMedix team of doctors all the information they need to serve effectively particularly on any health problem that Flagyl can deal with we provide an online consultation form with all the needed questions.

Once you've answered it effectively our doctors will then offer the most ideal prescription you need to meet all your medical needs. Always remember UKMedix medical team are freely available without charge or obligation to help and offer professional advice any time you need it.

What Exactly is Flagyl?

Flagyl is the brand name for Metronidazole, a drug primarily used for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis, aspiration pneumonia, intra-abdominal infections, rosacea, pseudomembranous colitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, oral infections, amoebiasis, lung abscess, trichomoniasis, giardiasis, eradication of Helicobacter pylori, including a host of infections brought about by Prevotella, Peptostreptococcus, Clostridium, Fusobacterium and Bacteroide species, among a host of other diseases.

How Do You Take Flagyl?

Flagyl tablets are taken on an empty tummy about 1-2 hours before taking any meal. In case it's an extended-release tablet avoid breaking, chewing or crushing it but swallow the tablets whole. If you break the pill you might release too much of the medication at a given time than is required.

It’s also important to swallow Flagyl for the length of time it has been prescribed particularly because symptoms might improve prior to completing the dosage. If you skip doses the potential of other infections setting in and resistant to the antibiotic is very high. Don't forget Flagyl doesn't treat flu, common cold and other viral infections.

What Flagyl Dose Do You Need?

It's worth noting that Flagyl must be taken as per the doctor's instructions. The dosage really depends on the illness, considering the medication has a long list of infections it can deal with.

  • Treatment of bacterial infections-First 800mg dosage and 400mg 8 hours later to be repeated after every 8 hours.
  • Prevention of infections after surgery-Flagyl tablets must be taken about 24 hours prior to the operation and 400mg of the drug every 8 hours
  • For other infections caused by bacteria or parasites UKMedix team of doctors will let you know the right dosage to take and for how long. Every dosage depends on level and type of illness

What You Should Avoid While Taking Flagyl

When it comes to Flagyl you should avoid the intake of alcohol or for about three days/72 hours after taking the last Flagyl medication. Side effects such as vomiting, nausea, tingly feeling, reddening below the skin or warmth and rapid heartbeats might result.

Are there Other Drugs that Affect Flagyl?

In case you are using other types of medication you might want to let the doctor know, especially disulfiram, lithium, blood thinners, seizure medication and cimetidine. This is not a complete list of drugs interacting with Flagyl and it's important to let the doctor know all the drugs you're using from herbal products, vitamins, over the counter medication to prescription treatments.

It's also important to let the doctor know if you've a history of liver disease, intestinal or stomach disease like Crohn's, nerve disorders, seizure disorder or epilepsy, anaemia or blood cell disorder as well as leucopoenia.

Flagyl and Pregnancy

It's important to avoid the intake of Flagyl during an early pregnancy although the drug can be used much later close to the end of the pregnancy but shouldn't be used by a breastfeeding mother. The reason is because Flagyl does enter into breast milk and might harm a breastfeeding infant. It's always critical to let the doctor know if you're intending to get pregnant or nursing a baby before Flagyl is prescribed.

Should You Purchase Flagyl Online?

As you search for the right prescription medication to deal with infections of the respiratory tract, joints, skin, stomach or even the vagina we understand you might not find all you need around. UKMedix offers an online effective, fast, in-depth professional service through the help of a team of doctors to get you the medication you need without having to wait for days or hours just to talk to a doctor who might not offer all the information and details you need.

Nonetheless, UKMedix insists that you find regulated sites offering authentic medical prescription drugs through the help of medical professionals who should endorse your prescription to receive the required treatment for your type of condition.

It's important to find a safe and highly regulated website to buy Flagyl from. Ensure the site shows their governmental approval and certification to be safe. UKMedix has the MHRA badge of approval on our website. Click it and you’ll be taken to the UKMedix certified information in database.

If the site you are trying to find prescription medication cannot provide the information you need it's probably an illegal site selling questionable medication. Using such drugs could be risky to your health and life.

What are the Side Effects of Flagyl?

Common and less serious side effects of using Flagyl include:

  • Vaginal discharge or itching
  • Loss of balance and dizziness
  • Diarrhoea and stomach pain
  • Sore or swollen tongue
  • Unpleasant metallic taste or dry mouth
  • Stuffy or runny nose, sneezing or coughing

I Would Like More Info About Flagyl

We understand finding the most ideal and best suitable treatment for the medical condition that you have is very important including having all the questions you might have answered. In case you cannot find all the answers you want related to Flagyl treatment and other medications talk to our doctors immediately and directly and you'll have all the extra information you seek.

Any information, help and advice offered by our team of doctors doesn't obligate you to buy the treatment. Our advice and help is free of charge and highly confidential.

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