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Following your general consultation you may request your preferred medication and our doctors will confirm suitability. Thank you!

Femodene contraceptive tablets from Bayer


Following your general consultation you may request your preferred medication and our medical team will confirm suitability. Thank you!

Femodene Contraception Tablets Online

UKMedix offers genuine Femodene contraception tablets from Bayer and not fake substitutes, including providing the highest quality medical help and advice throughout the treatment process.

Our team of doctors are on standby ready to help you deal with your condition or find the medication that you need. Through our online provided form the right questions in relation to your condition are asked, including letting you learn more about the medication and condition.

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Femodene tablets mostly referred to as the combined oral contraceptive pill or simply the “pill”, a hormonal contraception. The pills contain gestodene and ethinylestradiol, synthetic versions of progesterone and oestrogen, female naturally occurring sex hormones. While gestodene is the synthetic third generation progesterone form, ethinylestradiol is the synthetic form of oestrogen.

By taking Femodene contraceptive tablets you’ll end up with a less painful, regular and lighter menstrual bleeding. Women facing such serious issues as irregular, painful and heavy periods can have the contraceptive pill prescribed.

Femodene over-rides a typical menstrual cycle; the menstrual cycle in any woman has the sex hormones changing every month. The sex hormones result in ovulation where ovaries release an egg preparing the womb lining for a potential pregnancy. After every cycle, in case the egg is yet to be fertilised the hormones level drop bringing about the shedding of the womb every month. As Femodene is introduced the body is tricked in believing ovulation has taken place preventing the ripening of an egg as well as halting its release every month from the ovaries.

The introduction of the synthetic hormones also boosts the natural mucus thickness about the womb’s neck, making it really hard for sperm to enter through the vagina into the uterus to reach an egg. The hormones also transform the endometrium’s quality, or the womb lining, ensuring a fertilised egg has not been implanted.

As monophasic pills, Femodene has a similar hormonal dose in each tablet. A single table is swallowed daily for 21 days before taking a break of seven days from taking the pills. During the break of seven days, the hormones level within your blood reduces, resulting in some bleeding as a withdrawal symptom that appears just like a normal period. After the seven days without the pills you have to start again, whether still bleeding or not.

Femodene pills come in a calendar marking the days every week as a reminder to take a tablet daily for 21 days or three weeks before you go for a seven day pill-free break. Even during the week where you have taken a break pregnancies are still protected as far as you’ve been taking the pills as required and you’ll start taking the next packet of pills at the right time as well as ensuring nothing has happened to make the tablets ineffective such as specific medication, diarrhoea or sickness.

The pill should be taken on a daily basis, with the calendar a good reminder. You can take without or with some food or swallow with a drink.

Begin the intake of Femodene on the first day of your menstrual period/cycle. As a result you’ll be protected from becoming pregnant instantaneously. There won’t be any need of using any other contraception method. The pill can also be started between the first and fifth day of the menstrual cycle and you won’t need to go for extra contraception after you’ve began. Nonetheless, those with short menstrual periods, which are basically cycles that come after 23 days and below, should not start the intake of the pill late. Taking the tablet from the fifth day might provide the rapid contraceptive protection you might be looking for.

Femodene can be taken at any other time during the menstrual cycle once the doctor has confirmed there’s no pregnancy. In case you begin taking the pill at any other time apart from the beginning of your cycle and still sexual active, you might have to go for other contraceptives such as condoms for the first week of taking the pill or abstain from sexual activity.

For women who have given birth but aren’t breastfeeding their children Femodene intake can begin 21 days after delivery. Protection against pregnancy will be right away and additional contraception won’t be required. Beginning Femodene intake after 21 days after delivery requires that you abstain from sex or find another type of contraception at least for the first week.

Femodene should be avoided by breastfeeding women until six months have lapsed and weaning has started. Others who should avoid the pill are women who’ve suffered from blood clots within their vein or venous thromboembolism, deep vein thrombosis or leg vein clot or pulmonary embolism, or blood clot within the lungs.

Women suffering from blood disorders should avoid Femodene, including those going through varicose veins treatment. Females whose risk factors of suffering blood clots in their vein such as smokers, obese or those with long-term immobility need to avoid the pill as well. Others include women who’re above 50 years old, over 35 years old and 15 cigarettes a day smokers, women with diabetes and those with breast cancer.

As with any medication, there might be side effects; here are some of the side effects that are known to be associated with Femodene:

  • Nausea and vomiting (if you are sick consult the instructions on how to proceed with the dosage)
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Tender breasts/ slight enlargement
  • Weight loss of weight gain
  • Water retention
  • Change in menstrual cycle
  • Skin reactions
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Rise in blood pressure
  • May make contact lenses uncomfortable
  • Gallstones
  • Blood clots in the blood vessels

As you search for the best oral contraceptive pills we understand it’s hard to find what you want considering the different types out there. UKMedix offers a fast, confidential and medical expert support service offering the knowledge you need on oral contraceptives and how Femodene can help. The medical advice and medical knowledge is provided fast and efficiently without the need of driving long distances to talk with doctors one on one.

As you purchase Femodene online we recommend that you purchase from websites that have been approved and regulated to provide medical prescription tablets. There should also be help from medical doctors to endorse your prescription and certify the treatment provided as the one you need.

Identifying a site that is not just safe but also regulated to purchase Femodene is not hard. You might want to look for approval from concerned official bodies. For instance, UKMedix displays an approval MHRA badge on our site that links to website where our certification and approval information can be accessed.