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Following your general consultation you may request your preferred medication and our doctors will confirm suitability. Thank you!

Dianette contraception pills online


Following your general consultation you may request your preferred medication and our medical team will confirm suitability. Thank you!

Dianette Contraception Pills Online

UKMedix offers the best authentic prescription medications across the divide from different pharmaceutical brands trusted by millions around the world. As a result tested, tried and trusted medications with a history of success in the treatment of diverse conditions are provided.

This is the reason why only authentic Dianette from Bayer and not questionable alternatives are provided hand in hand with the best medical advice available throughout your treatment.

Dianette refers to a treatment for women suffering from excessive growth of hair and severe acne. The medication also works effectively as a contraceptive pill but need not be used solely for birth control.

Dianette usage does come with some associated risk, especially the development of some form of cancer and blood clots.

Nonetheless it is a safe medication for short time usage among women to deal with excess growth of hair and severe acne until the problem has been effectively treated. Essentially, it’s not safe to take the pills for a long period of time.

It’s also worth noting that specific women should not use Dianette. These includes women who are either breastfeeding or pregnant, have had some form of blood clot problem in their lives at one time as well as obese females. It’s also prohibited for women who’re smokers and above 35 years of age.

Dianette works through two active elements, ethinylestradiol and cyproterone acetate, a combination called co-cyprindiol. Cyprotene is an anti-androgen type of medication. Androgens are male hormones that women also produce.

The hormone stimulates skin growth, from sebaceous glands producing sebum and growth of hair on the skin.  If the body ends up producing lots of androgen the result can be production of lots of sebum or oil on the skin, including among people sensitive to androgen effects.

As a result sebaceous glands are blocked, infected and inflamed and acne spots sprout; androgens also make excessive hair to grow across the body and face in what is known as hirsutism.

Cyprotene comes into use in the prevention of the androgen actions through hindering the body receptions androgen usually work upon.

Consequently, Androgens do not affect the hair or skin, allowing cases of hirsutism and acne to improve. At the same time ovaries production of androgens is also decreased by Cyproterone acetate to lower the circulation of male hormones in the body.

As a contraceptive, Dianette works through ethinylestradiol, a synthetic form of oestrogen, a female hormone. The synthetic hormone prevents the release and ripening of ovarian eggs as well as increasing cervical mucus thickness.

This makes it hard for sperms to cross into the womb through the vagina. The medication also changes the womb lining to make it unsuitable for the implantation of fertilised eggs.

While Dianette should not be solely used for birth control, you should avoid taking another contraceptive while using it or seek medical advice before you do.

Dianette should be take for 21 days consecutively on a daily basis before going pill-free for seven days and starting the other strip immediately after.

In most cases, Dianette is used for six months only or until that time the skin has cleared. Then the user can choose a pill a doctor considers a lower risk.

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Dianette cannot be used by men but licensed for women use, particularly women suffering from hirsutism or serious acne.

As you search for the best contraceptive treatment or drugs to help deal with severe acne or facial hair in women we understand sometimes even approaching a doctor can be a bit uncomfortable. UKMedix offers a confidential and private service provided by experienced and knowledgeable medical professionals without the need to talk face to face.

As you buy Dianette online it’s very important to only purchase from well regulated sites offering authentic medical prescriptions and treatments with a helpful team of doctors endorsing the prescription required to start healing your condition.

The important thing is identifying a website that’s’ safe and government regulated to buy Dianette. Check for the approval information to be sure. For instance UKMedix has an MHRA badge of approval in our site that takes you to the official government site where our information of certification and approval is observable.

Note that if there’s a website out there ready to provide you with prescription medication but not approval and certification information the site is probably illegally in operation. We sincerely suggest that you avoid putting your health into serious risk because fake medication can be very dangerous.