Why You Should Consider Experimenting Sexually Whilst You’re Still Young

There’s a few different ways to experiment when you’re young… you can experiment with both guys and girls to get a feel for your true sexuality, or you can experiment with multiple partners (although, we advise not at the same time – they may not like that).

It’s like the saying goes: “You’ll never be old and wise if you weren’t young and crazy.” Think of it this way… your younger days are when you’re supposed to experiment, go wild and make mistakes. That’s what will give you so many great stories to tell when you go on to have children and grandchildren (or to tell to the cats, who will clearly understand everything you say).

Here’s a few reasons why we recommend everyone experiments safely with multiple partners, or even both guys and girls, whatever floats your boat…

Are you straight? Are you gay?

How do you really know without experimenting? So many people reading this will automatically be shouting “I’m definitely straight” or “I’m definitely gay” – but can you really say that if you haven’t dipped your toe in both ponds? You might like being one or the other, but what’s to say you won’t the like the alternative option even more? OK, so you tried it and you didn’t like it, that’s fine – then you can say you’re definitely one or the other. Or maybe you are sexually attracted to both men and women? It’s not greedy, it just means you’re comfortable with your sexuality and find both sexes equal.

You’re considering settling down

They may be your first love, they may have taken your virginity, but 9 times out of 10 that first real relationship isn’t going to last and you’re going to look back one day and cringe at who you lost your virginity to. This isn’t the case for everyone, but it is for most. Plus, you might think that they’re great in the sack, but how do you really know that if you’ve got nothing to compare it to? You can’t make a comparison with just one, and talking about your experiences with your friends sometimes just isn’t enough.

How do you know you have a type?

You don’t. You may find a particular look attractive; talk, dark and handsome, or blonde, skinny and leggy, but that doesn’t mean they’re all right for you. No two people are the same and everyone has their own personality. Aesthetics aren’t the be all and end all. How do you know you don’t like the shy, quiet type if you’ve never tried to get to know someone with those personality traits? How do you know you’re not into those who are considered curvy? You don’t without trying. These days it’s cooler not to have a type, than it is to have one – no one wants all of their partners to be a carbon copy of each other.

You’ll get such a confidence boost

Being with one person, or only experimenting with one sex is fine – it works for many. But by diving head first into multiple sexual partners, or even experimenting with the opposite sex, you’ll find a level confidence in yourself that you never knew you had. All of sudden you’re the out-there individual who’s up for trying something new every now and then in order to determine what they do and don’t like.


You should only ever experiment with what you’re comfortable with. If you don’t want to test out new experiences with either sex or multiple partners, don’t. It’s your body, it’s your life and only you can decide what to do with it. Just because your friends are doing something and it’s “cool”, doesn’t mean you have to get involved.


Whilst it may seem as though this blog post is aimed at Generation Y, you’re never too old to experiment. You may have been with someone for most of your adult life and for one reason or another it’s come to an end and you’re thinking about putting yourself back on the market. I have two words for you: DO IT! It’s not just the youngsters who can go out and have fun. Go and show them how it’s done!

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