Why Having A Pet Is Good For Your Health

It’s easy to take a pet for granted; you get used to them being there for you day-in day-out. They love you unconditionally – you’re everything that they have. You might just want to go out and buy them a treat when you give this blog a read and realise they are in fact improving your health… no seriously, here’s just a few reasons why your pet is benefiting your body for the better…


As a child, having a pet around the house may not always seem like the cleanest idea, but studies have shown that children who grow up with a pet in the house (typically cats and dogs) will reduce a child’s likelihood of developing an allergy by up to 33%. The same can’t be said for adults, but it’s a great reason for having a pet if you have a child or are considering them in the future.

Child allergies and pets


Not only will you have your best friend with you at all times, they’re a great icebreaker when you meet new people – which is especially helpful if you’re lonely but struggle to talk to new people or make new friends. Go to the park, you’re bound to bump into other dog walkers; attend training classes, you’re 100% going to find like minded people who love their pets as much as you do.

A healthy heart

Constant walking is constant exercise, even if it doesn’t feel like it. This will increase blood flow, decrease blood pressure and reduce cholesterol – win, win. Unless you’re willing to put a lead on your cat and take it for a walk, this one is aimed more at dog owners. That being said, rumour has it that people with a pet at home are likely to recover from injury and illness much quicker than those who don’t have a pet at home to return to.


Beat the blues

When you’re feeling down, shutting the world out sometimes seems like the best response – a bit of alone time, away from everyone and everything. Chances are the isolation will just end up leaving you feeling worse. Those with pets though never really get alone time; you may think that doesn’t sound great, but people swear their pets can pick up on their emotions and who are we to disagree? If their dog or cat just happens to give them a little snuggle when they need it most, who are we to say their pet didn’t know they needed it? We don’t know. Either way, they’re always there, they’re always loving us, and they’re never going to judge us.

Cancer sniffers

You’ve all read the stories about dogs, in particular, who have managed to save their owners lives by detecting lumps, constantly nudging them and therefore encouraging their owners to go to the doctors? Dogs really can smell out cancers – not all cancers, and not all dogs, but it is possible. Some dogs are even trained specifically to detect cancer in as little as three hours in a person – if a dog can be trained to do it in three hours, imagine what your family dog of ten years can do!


Those little, or not-so-little, balls of fluff are perfect to be around when you get home from a particularly stressful day in the office. Simply stroking your cat or dog can reduce your stress levels greatly, and if just stroking can do that image what receiving a cuddle from them can do…


Found in Health Awareness