Warning Signs That Something’s Not Quite Right With Your Genitals

Many people will claim that they know their own body inside out and they they’d be able to tell if something was wrong; but not everyone pays as close enough attention to changes occurring ‘down below’ as they might do with other areas.

Don’t assume something out of the ordinary is normal until you have checked yourself out properly. Below are some signs to be looking out for…

naked womanWomen

-If you find that your vaginal discharge is ever a little fishy-smelling, maybe even yellow, green or grey in colour, it may be a sign that you have bacterial vaginosis. Fear not, this is something that you can get from over washing your vagina and is easily treatable with antibiotics

-Thick, almost cottage-cheese-like discharge, typically accompanied with an urge to itch inside and out, is a sign that you may have an STI called trichomoniasis. Again this can be treated with a course of antibiotics. Don’t panic just yet, it could also be a sign that you have thrush which is not an STI in any way, shape or form

-Experiencing vaginal blisters, sores, burning sensations following unprotected sex? That’s your body’s way of telling you that you should have worn a condom and now it’s time to get yourself down to the GUM clinic

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-Noticing blood in your semen? Chances are it’s nothing serious and it will clear up on its own, it’s probably just an infection or inflammation in the prostate or stones in your ejaculatory ducts, but it’s always worth getting checked out by a Doctor to be safe!

-Being unable to ejaculate is not something to be ashamed of; if you’re able to maintain an erection, there’s a good chance that you’re unable to ejaculate because you masturbate too much. Cut that back and you should be back on you’re A-game in no time

-If your penis develops a new curve you may have Peyronie’s disease; the result of trauma to the penis leading to scar tissue which didn’t heal properly, which then leads to a curved penis (more than normal, that is) and painful erections

Warts, rashes, itching, these can effect both men and women and these can all be signs that you may have an STI. If you’ve had unprotected sex since your last STI check it’s always worth taking a test just to see if anything’s going on. But it’s also worth noting that many STI’s won’t give any symptoms and you should always get checked between each sexual partner.

These are just a few examples of when your body may be telling that you that something is not quite right, but it’s always worth spending a little bit of time getting reacquainted with your body parts. Just because they’re a part of you, doesn’t mean you know them well enough to know when something is different.

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