The Secret Tips and Tricks To Help You Stop Smoking

Quitting cigarettes is hard – we’re not going to beat around the bush here. But there are many things you can do to increase your chances of quitting and going cold-turkey, and we’ve got a few secret ones here that no one ever tells you…

Set a date/time to quit

Setting yourself a date / time to quit smoking will give you a clear starting point. The first trick is to keep smoking as normal up until that point; changing your habits and attempting to cut down before this point will make it harder for you to quit cold-turkey. The second trick is to stick to the date and time that you’ve given yourself. By saying “oh, it’s just one more cigarette” or “oh, it’s just one more day” is setting yourself up for failure.


Keep your hands busy

A lot of the time the addiction with smoking is doing something with your hands and putting something to your mouth, and sometimes this can be the hardest part to let go. Get a stress toy or a lollipop for the short term to replace the habit and keep your hands busy.

Stress toy

Spend more time with non-smoking friends

If you’re around people who constantly have a cigarette in their mouths, what are you going to want to do? You’re going to want to have one in your mouth too. If you surround yourself for the short term with just those who don’t smoke, you’re less likely to have temptation thrust your way, and you’re less likely going to want to separate away from everyone to go and have a smoke.


Quit smoking in the Winter

Or right now as it’s cold enough.

The colder months are ideal to try to quit smoking in as you don’t want to be going outside in the cold for a cigarette – keep telling yourself that whenever you want a smoke you’d rather stay indoors in the warm, instead of going outside and potentially catching a cold. You need to put layers, shoes and gloves on just to go outside and have a smoke, whilst staying indoors you save energy and get to stay warm. It’s a win-win situation.


Figure out what you do when you smoke

If you usually have a coffee, tea or a break when you smoke, stick to that, just don’t have the accompanying cigarette. That way, you’re making a small change in a larger situation.

smoking and drinking

Don’t replace it with an e-cig

What’s the point in replacing your addiction to cigarettes with an addiction to e-cigs?! So many people think they can’t quit cold-turkey, so turn to e-cigs to help them wean off the nicotine, only to find that months or years down the line they’re still smoking e-cigs and now need something to help them quit those. If you’re looking for an alternative or an aid, look at patches, chewing gums and support groups.


Remember the negatives

You need to change your way of thinking towards cigarettes. Try to remember all of the negatives that came with smoking; the coughing, the sore throats, how you, your clothes and your home stunk of smoke, how you have to stand outside in the cold and rain, and not forgetting the financial cost of smoking! If you can change your outlook on smoking, you’ll have a much greater chance of quitting.

bad habbit


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