Sex Toys Designed For Couples To Use Together In The Bedroom

Sexual intercourse is something we should all celebrate and enjoy alongside a loving partner. There is something particularly special about having sex with someone you love over a one-night stand or casual fling in the fact that you’ll eventually reach a comfortable place where you can open up about what you’d love to try and experiment with in the bedroom. Sex toys, different positions, role play, whatever gets suggested between you and your partner, you should feel comfortable with everything before committing.

Sex toys in particular are one that are considered to be taboo, but they’re not. Why should you be ashamed that you to love to masturbate with a vibrator, or that you like to insert anal beads? Many feel this is something that they should keep to themselves, but sharing this with your partner, and even encouraging your partner to get involved, can only ever enhance the experience. To get you started, here’s some great sex toys that work well for couples…

Sex kit

Vibrating Cock Rings

Simply slip it on to the end of his penis (preferably with a little lube), switch on the vibrating feature, climb on-board and away you go… heaven. Vibrating cock rings are great for enhancing the experience for the male, restricting blood flow to the tip, whilst providing a nice little tickle for the female, helping her to climax that bit quicker and stronger.

Anal Kits

Anal sex can seem daunting, but once you’ve got the hang of it and gotten over that awkward initial reaction, you’ll find that it’s a whole lot of fun – you’ll begin to wonder why you didn’t try it before. To ease you into this you can purchase anal kits, with a number of anal sex toys ranging from small to large – obviously start small and work your way up. You can use them yourself, use them on your partner and use them together – just keep the wipes handy if you’re going to both try it out.

Strap Ons

Whether you just want to try something a little rubbery, whether you’re currently in a lesbian relationship where they may come in handy from time to time, or even if you’re a heterosexual couple and want to experiment, strap-on devices open up a whole new world. Many women have wondered what it’s like to thrust into their partner, and with this you can!

Couples Vibrators

You can buy a singular vibrator that you can use to stimulate yourself or your partner during foreplay and sexual intercourse, or you can go as far as purchasing a vibrator with a remote control. Imagine lying there, vibrator in place, not knowing what setting your partner is going to tingle you with?! The mystery will only increase the arousal.

Flavoured lubricants

Whilst not exactly a sex toy, flavoured lubricants can add a lot of excitement into the bedroom. Candy floss, cookie dough, tutti frutti, there’s plenty of flavours out there to experiment with. Just put a little (not much, otherwise things get slippy) on the desired away and lick, suck and nibble away… yummy!

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