Sex Tips For Parents

When you have children your life gets turned upside down. Not necessarily in a bad way, but your life goes from nights out socialising and having fun with your friends, to wiping bums, cleaning up baby sick and checking in on them throughout the night to make sure they’re OK. It can be hard to get a decent night’s sleep and it can be even trickier to find some personal time to have some one-on-one action with your partner, let alone summon up the energy to get intimate, when all you want to do is sleep and gear up for the day ahead.

It’s important that you both make time for each other though, and even make time to get intimate. You’re still human with urges and needs, after all.

Here’s some great sex tips for those of you who need a little push in the right direction…

Hire a babysitter and book a hotel

Don’t be afraid to book a babysitter in to play with the kids in your own home, and then book a hotel room (for a few hours, or even for the night) so you can get away, be alone and ignite the fire and passion within your relationship. Make a night of it and you can even book a table at a nice restaurant, crack out the sexy lingerie and rediscover each other’s bodies.


Take your friends & family up on offers

If you find that friends and family are offering to have your little ones overnight so that you can take a break and have some time to yourself, take them up on it! Why wouldn’t you? You may choose to spend the evening having a nice romantic meal, getting hot between the sheets and then getting a good night’s sleep, or you may just choose to skip the meal adding to the amount of time you can sleep – but it’s still a good chance for some alone time. And don’t forget, this works both ways; it wouldn’t hurt to return the favour and have their little ones overnight too.


Make the most of nap times

If you’re OK with having a quiet quickie, instead of a long and sensual experience, then definitely make the most of nap times. People usually say you should be napping when the kids are napping, but why not use that time to remind your partner that you’re still attracted to them?

Bed couple

Be creative about where you’re willing to get intimate

Restaurant toilets, the car, the kitchen, don’t be shy about grabbing five or ten minutes whenever you can get it, wherever you can get it. If you limit yourself to the bedroom, or the four walls of your home, you’re going to limit how often you can have sex, what with the children being there with you 24/7.

sex toys

Excite yourself throughout the day

Wearing sexy underwear underneath your clothes during the day, sexting each other when you’re not with each other (or even if you’re in the same room but unable to act upon it straight away) or even watching porn can help stimulate the situation and get you in the mood ready for when you get some alone time together.


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