Non-Smoking Celebrities Who’ve Had To Light Up For a Role

It’s not so common these days, but some actors and actresses still have to smoke on-screen as a crucial part of a plotline in order to correctly portray the character that they’re playing. Smokers can usually always tell who’s never been a smoker in real life though by the way the hold the cigarette, the way they inhale and the way they exhale.

We wanted to show you some non-smoking celebrities that have had to play smoking roles…

Emma Watson – The Bling Ring

After playing Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, a prim and proper girl who didn’t like to break the rules (yet did so on a regular basis!), Emma Watsons role in The Bling Ring couldn’t be further from what she had done before. Based on a true story, The Bling Ring sees Emma playing the leader of a group who smokes regularly, and there are a few individual scenes in which she has to smoke – although she doesn’t look particularly comfortable with a cigarette in her hand.

Edward Norton – Fight Club

All for the legalisation of weed, Edward Norton surprisingly doesn’t smoke cigarettes and even refused to smoke for the role in Rounders, but he did however go on to smoke regular cigarettes for his role in Fight Club.

Jessica Alba – A.C.O.D.

Jessica isn’t a smoker in real life, but you probably already guessed that – she just looks like she’s clean and pure in everything she does. But she has had to smoke on-screen numerous times; firstly in a movie called Paranoid, then the TV series Dark Angel, follow by a movie called The Killer Inside Me. And then back in 2013 she filmed A.C.O.D. which saw her once again playing a character with a nicotine addiction.

The cast of Mad Men

The cast of Mad Men can regularly be seen smoking on-screen, with many not smoking in real life, but it’s believed that they smoke either Menthol cigarettes or Herbal cigarettes. Herbal cigarettes are reportedly made from various substances, including marshmallow leaves, clover and rose petals suffused together with ginseng, vanilla or menthol – and whilst they don’t contain nicotine, they can be just as harmful producing carbon monoxide, carcinogenic toxins and tar.

Renee Zellweger – Bridget Jones

Renee spent so much time piling on the pounds and trying to master the English accent, she didn’t leave herself much time to prep for her smoking scenes in Bridget Jones, and was once quoted as saying;

“She didn’t tell me the part about how, when you keep it in your mouth for a while it burns your eys, so I was doing all these great scenes with Hugh and I was blinking away, trying so hard not to ruin his good job.”

Of course, there are just as many smoking actors and actresses as there are non-smokers, but for the sake of your health, appearance and so much more we advise you don’t start, or even consider stopping – here’s a blog we did providing tips to quit smoking.

Interesting fact of the day that’s smoking related…

Jean Vander, who voiced Wilma Flintstone & Pebbles Flintstone in the original cartoon series, smoked for most of her life and died of lung cancer in 1999 aged 79. Her son, Michael O’Meara, was later quoted as saying:

“Everybody on the Flintstones smoked and all of them ended up dying of smoking related diseases… That little cute laugh that Berry and Wilma did with their mouths closed? They came up with that because when they laughed normally, being smokers, they coughed.”

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