8 Ways To Spice Up The Bedroom

When you spend so long with someone, it’s easy to fall into a routine – and we don’t just mean in your day-to-day lives, but also when it comes to your bedroom antics. You can love someone wholeheartedly, but if you have lost that initial spark that initially made you both so compatible in the bedroom or that sexual lust that makes you want to rip each-others clothes off, you’re always going to feel as though your relationship is lacking something.

Never underestimate how much happier, in love and connected a healthy sex life can make you and your partner!

If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom, we’ve got some handy tips that you may want to take on-board…

Try new positions

Don’t be afraid to throw new positions into the mix – there’s nothing more boring than having sex in the same position week in and week out. Let’s be honest, where’s the fun in that? You know what to expect, you know roughly how long it’s going to last and there’s just no thrill or excitement there. Maybe you go on top for a change, maybe you put your legs over there, or flip it over… it’s OK to have a giggle whilst you’re trying new things, it’s not all going to work first time. Particularly if you’re trying The wheelbarrow!

sex positions


Aphrodisiacs are items that stimulate sexual desire, and are typically edible products. Chocolate, oysters, pomegranates, salmon and red wine are proven sexual stimulants that it’s worth having in your kitchen if you’re trying to seduce your partner into a night of romance.

That being said, you can experiment with your food too. For example, instead of adding whipped cream onto your food, why not eat it off your partner’s body? Or feed your partner strawberries dipped in chocolate?

Sexy lingerie

Can you imagine his surprise when you take off your clothes to get into bed – the same clothes you regularly wear, there’s nothing particularly special about them – only to reveal the hottest of hot underwear?! Maybe some nice stockings, a suspender belt, and a nice matching bra and French knickers set… just a thought. Of course this one is more for the ladies, but men could always splurge on some expensive, tight fitting boxer briefs.


Sex toys are still quite a taboo subject, particularly amongst those in a relationship, but this needn’t be the case. You may have never used them, or you may use them alone whilst your partner’s out of the house, but you can maximise sexual pleasure for both of you by introducing them into the bedroom. Bring it up in conversation first to gage their thoughts and, if they’re willing, start small. But as long as you’re both willing to try some things, you can have so much fun. There are toys for both women and men in order to reach a whole new level of intimacy; vibrators, dildos, cock rings… the list goes on and on!

sex toys


Men; whether you’re having issues getting / maintaining an erection, or you just want to see if the experience is different with the little blue pill in your system, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s worth nothing however, if the effects last longer than 4 hours you may want to consider seeking medical advice.

Fantasies and role play

Do you harbour secret sexual fantasies, or wish that you and your partner could engage in role play in order to pretend to be someone else? Chances are you haven’t mentioned this to your partner, and if this is the case how do you know they’re not having the same thoughts? They may be willing to carry out your fantasies in return of carrying out theirs. And who knows, it may be the most exciting thing you’ve ever done and it may just become a regular thing.

You could always be spontaneous too and greet your partner home from work one day at door, dressed in a costume that they’re not expecting. Sexy policeman? Princess Leia?

Don’t be afraid to talk

Before, during or after sex, it’s OK to talk to your partner about what you liked and didn’t like, particularly if you didn’t like something. Everyone assumes that when you’re in a relationship you’re automatically going to know what the other likes and how they like it, but that’s not actually the case. And how will they know if they’re not doing something right, or that you don’t like it, if you don’t tell them? They’re not going to be offended, they’ll appreciate the feedback and either look to improve what they’re doing, or scrap it altogether.

whisper in ear

Watch an adult movie together

Similar to sex toys, there’s a stigma about watching adult movies with your partner, but it’s really not a big deal. If anything, it’s better to watch them with your partner, rather than doing it behind each other’s backs. Not that it’s a bad thing to watch them alone, however if you’re both watching them and you both get aroused, you may be more open to trying new things that you’ve just watched together.

Whatever you try to do in order to spice up your sex life, maybe start small and go from there, you don’t want to scare your partner off and for them to wonder what sort of sexual deviant may have been unleashed.

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