6 Tips To Make Your Relationship Last

Our grandparents got married at a young age and stayed together for the entirety of their lives – this is a rare concept in today’s day and age though, with divorce being rife across all of society. “Getting married too young” and “not really knowing their partner before getting married” are all common excuses these days why relationships break down and marriages lead to divorce, but the truth of the matter is that it’s just easier to walk away these days than it is to sit down and work on the issues, to fight for your marriage and make a success of it.

Here’s some key tips on how to reduce the drama and arguing within your relationship and, hopefully, help to keep it going…

Keep your relationship off social media

The rise of social media sees us putting so much of our lives online for the world to view, and sometimes we need to learn to draw a line. Before social media, you wouldn’t have ran around town telling every Tom, Dick and Harry that you’d had a falling out with your boyfriend, that he’d cheated on you with Kelly and that you hated both of their guts. So why do we feel the need to post it as a status or a tweet and let the whole world know?! The majority of those reading it don’t care, they just love the gossip.

Likewise, if you’re sickeningly in love, also look to reign it in a bit. Yes, it’s nice to post pics of the two of you together, or brag when your partner does something nice to treat you, like book a surprise weekend away, but not every photo of you two has to involve someone’s tongue down someone’s throat, or include the word “bae” *shoves fingers down throat*.

TMI on Social media

Fight and make up

You’ve all heard the phrase “Don’t go to bed angry’” and it’s true for so many reasons. Imagine waking up in the morning, remembering that you and your partner are arguing and having to avoid each other all day, for another day. Imagine not snuggling up to them in bed. Imagine sleeping in separate rooms. There’s no need for this. No matter how bad the argument, always try to have an adult discussion about it before you head off to bed; you might not resolve anything, but at least clear the air and agree to disagree.

Bed couple

Talk, don’t assume

Just because Sally says she saw your chap cosying up with another woman, doesn’t mean a) that it’s true or b) that there’s not a reasonable explanation – who’s to say it wasn’t his cousin or his mate’s girlfriend? If you didn’t see it with your own eyes, then don’t assume that what you’re hearing is true. Ask (don’t accuse) your partner and give them a chance to explain themselves. Going in all guns blazing will only get his back up and show that you don’t trust him.

Couple talking

Make time for date nights

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been together one year or fifty years, it’s still nice to make time once a week or once a month for a date night, just the two of you. As you get older, get comfortable in the relationship and expand your family (whether with children or pets) it can be tricky to find time for just the two of you. Set a date and time and stick to it. Don’t work late that night. Don’t forget and make plans with the girls/guys. Don’t let family get in the way. No matter what’s going on around you, you need some one-on-one time, and it can do your relationship the world of good.

couple date

Have your time apart

Alongside making time for each other, it’s also important to make plans with your friends that don’t include your partner. Arrange a spa day with the girls, or a shopping trip, or even a cocktail night. Whatever it is, you and your partner don’t want to be living in each other’s pockets, which gets easier and more common the longer you’re together as your friendship groups merge and you see the same people day-in, day-out. Likewise, he needs to blow off steam with the lads too; paintballing, go karting, or even just having a boy’s night down the pub. Whatever it is, it’ll also give you both something to talk about when you get home.

girls night

Never stop trying to impress

In relationships, it’s usually the little things that count the most. If you don’t usually cook, then have dinner waiting on the table one night when he gets home from work as a special treat. If things in the bedroom have been a little non-existent recently, try to reignite the spark with some sexy lingerie. This works both ways, he can do little things too, like give you a foot massage when you get in from a stressful day, he can even do the washing up so you can sit down for a few minutes. Showing your loved one that you appreciate them can mean the world. And don’t forget, you’re going to be with this person for life; don’t start taking them for granted, show them that you love & appreciate them and you’ll have a long, prosperous life together.



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