5 Ways To Avoid Hair Loss

OK, so before some of you get excited, we’re talking about non-genetic hair loss – we can’t help prevent genetic hair loss, it’s going to happen whether you want it to or not, unfortunately. Our advice to you? Embrace it. There’s nothing you can do stop it (unless you’re Wayne Rooney and can afford a hair transplant) so you might as well own it.

Here’s a few small changes that you can change to your routine that may just help…

Quit the products and the gadgets

Hairdryers, straighteners, curlers, whatever gadgets you like, even if you’re using heat protection products, will be damaging your hair – particularly if you’re using them on a daily basis. If you’re worried that your hair is becoming too damaged, dry and thin, learn to embrace your natural hair; whether that’s frizzy, curly / wavy or just wild. Believe us when we say that, just because you’re unsure or not used to letting your natural hair do its thing, others will be looking at your hair with envy, wishing they had your hair or your confidence. Regular visits to your hairdresser will also help, with a quick trim removing dead ends and split ends encouraging your hair to regrow and promoting healthier hair.

Hair tools

Ditch the dye

Box dyes, bleach and even getting your hair dyed / highlighted in the salon damage your hair. Using colouring chemicals on your hair can seriously damage it, with the general advisory being not to dye your hair more often than every four to six weeks, however if you’re dying your hair because you may be going grey, it can be much kinder to your hair to just let it do what it naturally wants to do. Even worse for your hair, though, is bleach, removing the natural pigment from your hair cuticles which goes on to chance the structure of your hair. Our advice? Steer clear and just love that hair colour that you were born with. You had it for many years when you were younger before you turned to dye, so why not just be loud and proud?!

hair dye

Switch up your products

Finding the right shampoo for your hair can take some trial and error, but mild shampoos are best for reducing the chances of hair loss, helping to maintain a healthy scalp. If you colour your hair, you’ll want a shampoo specifically designed for this, if you have dandruff you’ll want a shampoo designed to help reduce and prevent dandruff, and so on. Also try not to wash your hair every day as this removes some of the natural oils from your hair, making it look dirtier quicker, thinner and flatter.

shampoo and conditioner

Avoid pulling your hair

Whether you like to play with your hair, tie it tightly, over brush throughout the day or even wear hats, try to cut down or stop if you can. Constant toing and froing of your hair follicles loosens them up and encourages hair loss.

pulling hair

Eat right

What you put into your body doesn’t just reflect in your body weight, it also reflects in the condition your skin, your nails, your teeth and so on, it also reflects in your hair. A healthy lifestyle and body generally assists healthy hair. Your hair needs iron, so it’s a good idea to eat plenty of red meat, chicken, fish and green vegetables, and it also needs protein, which you can get from seafood, poultry and some dairy products. We also advise that you eat something everything three to four hours as the energy that your body uses to form hair cells typically diminishes every four hours, and you want to keep it going.

5 a day

As we always advise, this is just the start – there are many things that you can do to help discourage non-genetic hair loss and we recommend trying out a number of different things, making just one change may help but not as much as adopting a number of changes. Sometimes it’s just not possible to prevent hair loss though, and that’s when you need to look at whether it may be genetic (it may have skipped a generation or two) and just let nature take its course.

Genetic or not though, if you can afford a hair transplant, go for it!

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