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UKMedix is the place to shop for a variety of treatments that you may not wish to discuss at your local surgery, or perhaps your busy schedule doesn’t allow you the time to visit your GP. You may even find you save money on repeat prescriptions.

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For your utmost confidence UKMedix only dispenses genuine branded medication, prepared and dispensed by a UK pharmacist. Our UK based practitioners are available to offer help and advice 24 hours a day.

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Impotence can leave a man feeling dreadful, and cause stress in relationships, yet it is suffered at some time or other one in ten men. There are a variety of effective treatments available that help whether your condition is stress related or a symptom of another disorder.

UKMedix offer several treatments that may bring you short term relief that will restore your natural functions, or others that are designed for more prolonged use. Available treatments include the well known Viagra, the longer acting Cialis, or Levitra which is often suitable for older men.

Weight Loss

Carrying too much weight can affect our confidence; our ability to lead normal lives, and even has a detrimental effect on our health, yet many of us find the strict regime of dieting too much of a challenge.

If it’s suitable for you UKMedix may prescribe Xenical to help you loose weight. This interesting product helps prevent the body from absorbing fat, and thereby reduces the number of calories you store. Combined with a healthier lifestyle it should help you cut down those excess pounds.

Hair Loss

Male pattern baldness starts at a young age for some of us, and it can be hard to lead a normal fulfilling life when you’re worried about your hair loss.

Many men can regrow a full head of hair, and the earlier you start your treatment the more effective it is likely to be. Regular use of Propecia from UKMedix can help arrest the receding hairline, and in many cases help men regrow a full head of hair.


When you have the flu you know about it. You are generally incapacitated, run a temperature, and feel awful. Tamiflu and Relenza are two treatments available from UKMedix that help reduce the duration of your symptoms by several days by suppressing the spread of the virus and helping your body fight back.

Help to stop smoking

We all know that smoking is expensive and costs us both our health and our budget, yet stopping is difficult. Champix and Zyban are two products available from UKMedix that considerably increase your chances of success when trying to give up smoking.

Female sexual dysfunction (FSD)

Effective hormone treatment with Intrinsa is available from UKMedix and has helped many thousands of women regain a healthy libido after stress, illness or hormone changes has brought about FSD.


The statin Crestor helps lower cholesterol and reduces the build up of dangerous plaque on your arteries. It is particularly effective when combined with improvements to your lifestyle such as quitting smoking and taking regular exercise.


Sexual transmitted infections need treatment as soon as they are recognised to avoid complications. If you can’t get to see your doctor, or your life is just too busy, you can discuss your symptoms with UKMedix in complete confidence. The UK based pharmacists will be able to prescribe the appropriate treatment, and dispatch it for free next day delivery anywhere in the UK.

UKMedix is the UK’s number one online pharmacist offering discreet consultation and free delivery of a wide range of treatments.

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